From Laura Janner Klausner re the Israeli Elections 2015
 I loved voting in Israel. I loved the feeling that I was impacting on
the future of Israel and on the future of the Jewish people. Now I am
living in the UK, I still am preoccupied with the Israeli elections as
they matter so much to me and to so many members of our Movement.

Our core values of equality, justice and telling the truth even when
it's uncomfortable, guide me in my reaction to the pre-election words of
Prime Minister Netanyahu rejecting the possibility of a Palestinian
State and questioning the benefit of Israeli Arabs voting. Our Movement
is resoundingly committed to equality for all Israelis and the two-state
solution. This is not a theoretical political mechanistic option. This
means peace, security, dignity and justice for Palestinians and Israelis
in separate sovereign states.

It's time for honesty. But, it always has been and it always will be.
However you reacted to the results of the Israeli election, I encourage
you to tell people your reaction as our community must be a place where
a wide spectrum of views can be expressed in safety. People who feel
silenced will not feel comfortable to participate in community life.

I know that it is our role as Jews to be actively involved in society
and our task to partner God in being actively engaged in our world. Over
the last days, many people, particularly young adults, have expressed
their deep disquiet and disappointment at the election results and a
desire to disengage with Israel.

I think that "davka" now is exactly the time to take courage in our hand
and to engage. For me, this means supporting what I believe is right and
calling out against what I believe is wrong. I think we should do this
whether it is about UK society or Israel.

This is our inheritance as Jews, not to switch off, not to disengage,
however tempting. Our inheritance is one of truth, debate and honesty.
Our task is to ensure that that happens, in friendships, and synagogues,
in private and in public.

This is our task, but my prayer is that, after the storm of the
election, the moral imperative and reality of governing will temper
views expressed and a different, more hopeful, political reality will

Shabbat shalom

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner

Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism
We Believe Conference 2015

On 22 March 2015, "We Believe in Israel" will be holding an ever bigger conference with the same high calibre of speakers and materials. We hope to reach new audiences, work with new partners, and introduce new topics with a focus on the practical output of building networks of potential activists.

Like the We Believe in Israel grassroots network, the Conference will be a broad-based and inclusive one open to anyone, Jewish and non-Jewish, and from across the political spectrum, who supports the right of the State of Israel to live in peace and security.

The conference will be held at a prestigious and easy to reach central London venue and runs from registration at 9am to 5.45pm.

The day consists of two plenary sessions with high-profile speakers from the UK, Israel and further afield, and a programme of 60 break-out sessions, arranged in five timeslots during the day, so that every delegate can choose the five sessions they most want to attend. These sessions cover practical campaign skills, debate about hot issues, sessions for groups with an interest in a specific sector such as campus activity, the latest knowledge about the situation in Israel and the wider Middle East, and understanding of the challenges facing Israel in different sectors of UK civil society. Coaches will be provided from major cities across the UK. Kosher food is available for purchase during the lunch break.

Please make sure you register NOW as places are strictly limited to 1500 delegates and they expect tickets to sell extremely fast.

Conference hotline: 020 8387 4139
Email address:

Please visit the We Believe in Israel Seminar List to have a look at their exciting break out sessions that are planned for the day.

Claudia Potter  was Bat Mitzvah in the synagogue on Saturday 9th June 2018.

She was supported by her mother Katia Di Dominica who is from Italy.

Claudia took much of the service and read from the Torah beautifully.

We were also treated to a translation of the Torah in Italian.


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