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Baby Blessings

At Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue we are committed to giving our children the brightest and most joyous start in their lives.


Depending on their wishes, both parents may be called to the Torah during a Shabbat service with their new-born child or those children slightly older.  Or a ceremony may be held on the Bimah at the end of the service. 

Either way, the entire congregation shares in the parent's nachas (joy) in the greatest miracle of all — the birth of a child. The new-born receives a blessing from his/her parents, a blessing from the rabbi, and a “mazal tov” from the congregation and a naming certificate that keeps a record of the Hebrew name and of this first celebration of life.  The parents and rabbi will consult before the Shabbat on the appropriate Hebrew name, one which captures family memory and is enriched by Jewish significance.

We have many new children in the community who could benefit from such a lovely ceremony with  the congregation. 

The ceremony can also be held after a baby’s first birthday  so it can still be arranged for children born whilst the synagogue was in Lockdown.  Also, if you wish, the synagogue can arrange a special Kiddush after the ceremony for family & friends.

Please contact Melvin Pedro or Rabbi Tali   if you are interested.

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