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The Cheder Starts again in January 2020 at 10.00am

It meets every week apart from those listed below

12th Jan: Cheder re starts

16th Feb: There is no cheder

5th April: There is no Cheder

12th April: There is no Cheder

24th May: There is no Cheder 

26th July: last day of Cheder summer term 



We understand that parents who want to raise and educate their children as Jews face formidable challenges. These challenges often include conflicts about attendance at religion school versus, for instance, sporting events. Others are balancing Jewish family observance with secular world interests and demands, as well as in some instances negotiating differences between the Jewish partner and the non-Jewish partner or extended family. 


In as much as we have little time and so much to teach on a Sunday, it is important that pupils attend the Cheder regularly. Frequent absences create difficulties in keeping up with the class work and may discourage any incentive for future progress. Also excessive absences tend to lower the status of the Cheder in the eyes of the child and may negate our efforts to raise the schools standards. We expect our students to attend regularly. From experience we know that friends made at Cheder often last a lifetime. 


Students who are chronically late or absent MUST make arrangements for additional work and tuition otherwise their Bar/Bat Mitzvah may have to be delayed. 


It is our synagogue policy that students advancing towards their Bar/Bat Mitzvah actively participate in the Cheder and synagogue life. It is important to view their Bar/Bat Mitzvah as a step in the Jewish maturation process and not as the termination of one’s Jewish studies. Attendance at Shabbat morning services and festivals is an important part of your child’s Jewish education; please make every effort to attend synagogue services at least twice per month. 


We encourage our post Bar/Bat Mitzvah children to go on to participate in the GCSE Jewish studies. Contact Bryony Bathie for more details.


We at Sukkat Shalom encourage good communication among the Teachers, Madrichim, the students and the parents of students and ask that such parents become involved in not only what their children are learning each week but also in synagogue life itself. It has always been the custom at Sukkat Shalom that parents offer their help in whatever ways they are able to. Most of our current Council members either currently have, or have previously had children make the journey from Alef/Bet to Bar/Bat Mitzvah. On the day of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah you and your child should be well known by the community and not strangers. 


Just as in the time of the earliest Jewish schools, teachers vary in ability, expertise and style. We accommodate a whole range of teachers in our Cheder and each is unique in the way they approach their task. We try to place each child in the correct class to bring out the best in him or her. This might sometimes mean they are in a different class for Jewish studies than they were for Hebrew. We feel it better to place a child within his or her ability range rather than simply for age. This ensures that our educational goals are being reached in the classroom. Any concerns you may have about your child’s progress may be discussed with the Head Teacher. 9 


On more mundane matters: please make sure that your child wears clothing to Cheder that is sensible. All too often the flimsiest tops are worn without a jacket or coat during the winter months. Remember all children go out to play for 15 minutes in all but the very worst weather. 


Please, can you also discourage your child from bringing in mobile phones to Cheder they are a distraction and a nuisance. 



B'Nei Mitzvah Since the Synagogue was Founded.


1. Martin Dighton was the first Bar Mitzvah on the 24th April 1982. A mobile ark used during the service. Prayer books books and a Yud were borrowed from South West Essex Reform Synagogue and a scroll was borrowed from the Settlement Synagogue in Stepney Green. The service took place at Bedford House in Buckhurst Hill Essex

2. Gregory Williams, 1982
3. Ashley Vilka, 1982
4. Alexander Newman 1982. (Nephew of Rabbi Tony Bayfield)
5. Nicola Reuben 1982
6. Nicola Milner 3rd Sept 1983 United Reform Church Palmerston Road.
7. Lester Schiffman 24th Sept 1983
8. Glen Cohen 24th Sept 1983
9. Darren Feldman 25th Feb 1984
10. Justin Lester April 1984
11. Mark Soldinger 17th Nov 1984
12. Robert Dighton 30th June 1984
13. Caron Milner 1984
14. Matthew Godson 7th September 1985 Quaker Hall - Died 31/07/2017
15. Jenny Dighton 13th July 1985 (Adult)
16. Adam Zachariah 26th October 1985
17. Justin Mendoza 15th Feb 1986
18. Matthew Fisher 17th May 1986 Quaker Hall
19. James Schneider 31st May 1986 Manor Hall
20. Russell Jackson 28th June 1986 Bedford House
21. Mark Barnett 6th December 1986, Quaker Hall
22. Clare Godson 11th July 1987 Quaker Hall
23. Daniel Shaw 6th June 1987 Quaker Hall
24. Adam Jackson 14th May 1988
25. Lisa Barnett 15th April 1989 Quaker Hall
26. Charlotte Segal 20th May 1989 (never carried out)
27. Ben Martin 15th July 1989 Marquee at home
28. Vicky Bayard 16th September 1989 Quaker Hall
29. Amy Ballinger 27th January 1990 Quaker Hall
30. Oliver Peron 12th May 1990 Quaker Hall
31. Andrew Schiffman 21st July 1990
32. Elizabeth Jackson 28th October 1990
33. Marylin Czubah 12th Jan 1991 (Adult)
34. Sam Martin June 15th June 1991 Quaker Hall
35. Ivan Phillips 27th July 1991 Quaker Hall
36. Gideon Fisher 24th August 1991 Quaker Hall
37. Carla Perron 31st August 1991 Quaker Hall
38. Hannah Levy 5th October 1991 at Home in Chigwell
39. Naomi Foulds 5th January 1992 - Member of the synagogue
40. Robert Dawkins 29th Feb 1992
41. David Milner 7th March 1992
42. Louise Bayard 2nd May 1992
43. Michael Toper 23rd May 1992

44. Nichola Reed (Woods) 30th May 1992 - Member of the synagogue

45. Lucy Ballinger 18th July 1992
46. Jonathon Jackson 1st August 1992
47. Adam Cutler 5th September 1992
48. Danielle McNair 12th September 1992

49. Mitzi Cutler (Kalinsky) Bat Mitzvah 27th February 1993 (Adult) Member of the synagogue

50. Sue Jackson 10th April 1993 (Adult)

51. Amy Sugarman (Turtle) 4th September 1993 - Member of the synagogue

52. Valerie Fletcher 11th September 1993

53. Rebecca Kemp September 1993

54. David Mackie 29th January 1994 Quaker Hall

55. Charissa Cutler 12th March 1994 Quaker Hall - Member of the synagogue

56. Sam Mallach 24th December 1994 Quaker Hall
57. Laura Savill 28th January 1995 (Adult)
58. James Ballinger 8th July 1995 Quaker
59. Adam Ballinger 8th July 1995 Quaker Hall
60. Neal Phillips 2nd July 1995 Quaker Hall
61. Daniel Luper 18th March 1995 Quaker Hall
62. Zoe Czubah 2nd Sept 1995 Quaker Hall
63. Sophie Lermer 9th September 1995 (Adult)

64. Russell Hawkes 16th September 1995

65. Sarah Tuhill (Whittaker) 21st October 1995 Quaker Hall - Member of the synagogue

66. Maureen Chandler 23rd September 1995 (Adult)
67. Jonathon Reed 30th September 1995

68. Sarah Brody (Larn) July 1996

69. ......Myers 14th October 1996 Quaker Hall
70. Ben Mackie 10th Feb 1996 Quaker Hall
71. Adam Barnett 17th Feb 1996 Quaker Hall
72. Emma Fletcher 3rd March 1996 Quaker Hall
73. Daniel Harrison 3rd August 1996
74. Deborah Kemp Sept 74
74a Rachel Harris Jan 1997
75. Sam Sugarman March 1997
76. Adam Tuhill in Israel Aug 1997
77. Holly Shepherd 6th December 1997
78. Valerie Fletcher 1997
79. Jessica Luper 1997
80. Richard Saunderson 1997

81. Lee Cutler 1997 - Member of the synagogue

82. Donna Karpel 1997
83. Joel Czubah 28th March 1998
84. Matthew Wedgewood 16th May 1998
85. Jessica Mallach 25th July 1998
86. Alison Jackson 3rd July 1998

87. Amelia Cohen (Dorian) 13th Feb 1999 - Member of the synagogue

88. Laura Mackie June 1999

89. James Hawkes 10th July 1999 Victory Hall Chigwell - Associate Member of the synagogue

90. Alex Slade (Golding) 4th Sept 1999 - Member of the synagogue

91. Arielle Garton 23rd October 1999
92. Daniel Graham 5th February 2000 Victory Hall
93. Gary Tiller 12th February 2000 Victory Hall

94. Laura Burns 19th February 2000 Victory Hall - Member of the synagogue

95. Julie Harris 22nd July 2000 First in the building in Wanstead
96. Nathan Cohen 25th August 2000
97. Martin Lee 14th October 2000
98. Joe Wedgewood Dec 2000
99. David Kalinsky Dec 2000
100. James Curtis

101. Samantha Lustig  (Lustig - Feldman) June/July 2001 - Member of the synagoue

102. Alison Jackson June/July 2001

103. Rebecca Cohen (Gershon) June/ July 2001 - Member of the synagogue

104. Dee Slade August 2001 (Adult) - Member of the synagogue

104a. Neil Fletcher August 2001
105. Amabel Giladi May 25th 2002 - Member of the synagogue
106. Joshua Kalinsky May 2002
107. Leah Harrison 2002

108. Adam Bhatticharya 2003 - Member of the synagogue

109. Jessica Goodman 2003

109a. Alexander Durden 2003

110. Jack Shepherd 2003

111. Danny Browne 2003

111a Nicholas Lustig June 2003 - Member of the synagogue

112. Sam Goodman July 3rd 2004

113. Georgina Cohen 23rd October 2004

114. Jodie Tiller Feb Feb 2005 115.

115. Tamzin Shepherd 19th March 2005

116. Nathan Bloom 26th March 2005

117. David Pedro April 2005 - Member of the synagogue

118. Eliot Curtis April 2005
119. Zac Cohen February 2006

120.Daniel Bhattycharia April 2006 - Member of the synagogue

121. Bryony Bathie September 2006

122. Joshua Silver February 2007
123. Robert Sampson April 2007
124. Jasmine Robinson June 2007

125. Shoshanna Davis 2008 - Member of the synagogue

126. Emily Balcombe 10th January 2009
127. Luke Vatkousky 14th February 2009
128. James Goodman 6th June 2009

129. Hannah Pedro 20th June 2009 - Member of the synagogue

130. Rachel Southern Thomas 18th July 2009

131. Joe Watch September 2009 - Member of the synagogue

132 Guy Colman Oct 2009
133 Lexie Massie Nov 2009
134 Hannah Lewis Dec 2009 - Member of the synagogue
135 Ellis Robinson May 2010
136 Harry Watch April 2011
137 Jack Balcombe June 2011
138 Laurence Brooks September 2011
139 Lydia Colman September 2011
140 Ben Southern Thomas October 2011
141. Lucinda Bathie December 2011
142. Jay Robins July 2012 (On behalf of SWESRS)
143. Talia Fox September 2012
144. Luke Enness November 2013
145. David Zavronkova October 2014
146. Grace Watch January 2014
147  Isabelle Levicki June 2015
148  Scott Enness January 2016
149  Venice Goldstein July 2016

150  Emily Sweeney November 12th 2016

151  Ethan Fox    July 1st 2017

152 Thomas St George Saturday 14th April 2018

153 Lily Saunders Saturday 28th April 2018

154 Claudia Potter Saturday 9th June 2018

155 Milo Braier Saturday 7th September 2019

156 Sidney Kirsh Saturday 21st September 2019 Adult member of the synagogue

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