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Sukkat Shalom is running two separate online Adult Education classes taught by Rabbi Larry Becker


On Tuesday evenings, starting at 7:30, we are holding a text study class based on Mishnah, Berachot (Blessings). This deals with many of the traditions that have set the standards for the way we have prayed for the past 2000 years. The course is in English and no prior knowledge of Hebrew is needed.


On Thursday evenings, starting at 7:30, we are looking at “Jewish Travellers and Explorers".  The course begins by looking at the Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela. This medieval work recounts both the sights that he saw and tales that he heard during his 12th century journey to the Near East; it remained a favourite travelogue for centuries. A copyright-free version can be be obtained by emailing Rabbi Larry at   Downloadable translations of this work are also available from a variety of sources including the free to use, online publishing house Project Gutenberg.


For a link to join these classes online please email Rabbi Larry at

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