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Board of Trustees











Board of Trustees 2022 - 2023

Chair of Board of Trustees - Rachel Savage

Vice Chair of Board of Trustees  - Stuart (Bunny) Jacobs

Treasurer - Jeff Lustig

Ass  Treasurer - Colin Joseph

Secretary - Beverley Aminzade

Senior Warden - Melvin Pedro      (Also Chair of the Religious Activities Committee)

Chair of  Adult Education - Vacant. However, the responsibilities associated with this role are currently being undertaken by non-trustee, Rabbi Tali-Artman Partock.

Head of Security - Vacant

Chair of House - Jocelyn Shepherd     

Care Coordinator -   Reeva Godson 

Board Trustees


Joel Ilson                                        (Board of Deputies Representative)

Daniel Morgan Thomas              (Jack Petchey Awards)

Steve Wynne                                 (Chair of Trustees JJBS)

Angela Jacobs                                

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