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 Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Rabbi Dr Tali Artman-Partock's Discretionary Fund is for the relief of financial need, the advancement of education and religion and to generally further communal interests.


The synagogue will set up and run a separate bank account designated Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund or RDF. The signatories for the bank account will be the rabbi and the Honorary Treasurer.


The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will be under the control of the Rabbi and monitored by the Treasurer. The Rabbi,s Discretionary Fund shall comply with all relevant tax & charity laws. Gift Aid received directly from donors shall be applied to the fund.  The synagogue may set aside funds each year from its budget and apply them to the RDF.


The fund should be reviewed regularly by the Treasurer to insure that the fund is being used in accordance with its aims. Confidentiality is of prime importance and must be maintained by the Treasurer. The RDF should also be subject to Examination annually by the synagogue Examiner.


All cheques for donations to the fund should be made out to the synagogue or to the RDF and not made out to the Rabbi personally and then if necessary transferred into the fund by the Treasurer. The  Treasurer will keep an account of all transactions and regularly update the Administrator or Assistant Treasurer or the person maintaining the Restricted Fun/Designated Fund schedule.


Items to be considered for expenditure shall include funds to needy congregants and other individuals. Funds to other organisations. Payment for community dinners benefiting a charity, Charitable purposes in general, if lawful under our synagogue Constitution.  The cost of assembling some small groups, (i.e. a group of mainly retired people, or when a lecturer needs to be paid for addressing a small interfaith study group) which the Rabbi has organised.


Items to be considered unsuitable for expenditure shall include CD.’s, DVD,s, Computers, Books, Software, Artwork, Subscription support, Conferences etc.


In regard to educational purposes this money will not be used for paying a person who comes to lead a lecture at a function or event which is open the entire membership of the synagogue.

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