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We are delighted to share the Lehrhaus programme for Autumn 2018 with you. We have an array of courses to suit different tastes including a live ON-LINE course enabling even more people to study with us.


Last academic year saw the largest number of people studying with us and we are sure that we will see many returnees and new students join us for this academic year.


As an incentive, all returning Lehrhaus students will enjoy a 10% discount on any course and a 20% discount if signing up for more than one course at the time of registration.


As you know all our courses are taught by our world renowned faculty of LBC. Here is what we have lined up for you:




Reading troubling texts from Torah: with Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel - 4 weeks






Judah Halevi: Poet and (anti-) Philosopher: with Rabbi Mark L. Solomon - 8 weeks


The Rise of King David – a literary reading of 1 Samuel: with Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet - 8 weeks


Crossing Borders: Transcending Boundaries of Gender and Community in Ruth:with Dr Laliv Clenman and Dr Ben Williams- 2 weeks, Leo Baeck College


Jews and Their Cameras: with Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith - 4 weeks


Who wrote the Torah? 586 BCE and All That : with Rabbi Pete Tobias - 4 weeks


Modern Hebrew Ulpanim - Beginners: with Liat Aharonovich - 8 weeks


Modern Hebrew Ulpanim - Intermediate: with Liat Aharonovich - 8 weeks

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