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Welcome to our shul.

Sukkat Shalom R. S. is now over 30 years of age and is a continuously growing community in Wanstead London E11 1UL.

...but above all friendship
Regular Services

Lunch & Learn on Shabbat
Friday Night Chavurahs
Bridge Play
Text Study Classes & Hebrew Classes for Adults & Beginners
Cheder Classes & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tuition
An Effective Council of Trustees
A really Great Rabbi
A Great Place to Marry
A Youth Club
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Tel:020 8530 3345

Future Activities


Wednesday 19th November Bridge Group meets at Woodford Progessive in Marlborough Road 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th November Hebrew Tutorial at Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th November Access to Judaism 8.30pm at Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue

Thursday 20th November Synagogue Annual General Meeting at 8.00pm

Saturday 22nd November Shabbat Morning Service at 10.00am

Tuesday 25th November Text Study Class at 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th November Bridge Group meets at Woodford Progessive in Marlborough Road 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th November Hebrew Tutorial in the Cheder Block Sukkat Shalom from 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th November Access to Judaism 8.30pm at Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue

Saturday 29th November Shabbat Service at 10.00am to include a Baby Blessing

Tuesday 2nd December Text Study Class at 7.30pm


Synagogue Council 2014/15


SSRS Council 2014

Position Member

Chair of Council Rachel Savage

Vice Chair Vacant

Hon. Treasurer Mitzi Kalinsky

Ass Hon. Treasurer Jeff Soraff

Hon. Secretary Angela Jacobs

Senior Warden Melvin Pedro

Chair of Education Sue Rosner

Head of Security Vacant

Chair of House Simon Sugarman

Council Positions

Reeva Godson
Steve Wynne
Andrew Lewis
Sidney Kirsh
Jeff Lustig
Dee Slade
Karen Watch

Songs from the Musicals


Songs from the  Musicals Evening by


On Sunday 2nd November at 7.00pm "Performance" a group of 12 friends who have been singing together for about 10 years produced the most exhilarating evening of music in the synagogue. Most of the singers have performed together in countless pantomimes and musical productions. They now mainly provide entertainment at fundraising events, weddings and parties.  Their repertoire included songs from films, West End shows, both past and present including Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. They also sang a melody of Beatles hits. All monies raised on the evening will go to synagogue general projects.

The evening was organised by Angela Jacobs and Steve Wynne with help from a a few synagogue members and we raised about £750.00 for synagogue projects

The Wedding of Tracy Green to Paul Jacobs


Tracy & Paul were married at Sukkat Shalom on Sunday 21st September.


Welcome to Sophia Hubs


How do you feel about your local area and the communities that live there? Does that strike you as a strange question to ask? What do you make of the word self-determination?

We seem to live in a world reduced to numbers. How many exams did you pass and what grades did you get? How many votes did the council get? What is the budget for the police service? How much is a loaf of bread? We know, though, that there are more important things to pay attention to. Sophia means wisdom, a word that seems deeply out of fashion and needed more than ever.

For me, wisdom has a depth, a patience and a compassion. It is willing to be still, willing to keep searching, willing to be renewed.

Sophia Hubs has a pilot project based at St John’s in Seven Kings. The “hubs” bit is supposed to signify some things coming together and spinning off. Hubs are typically enterprise hubs where new businesses can spark ideas off each other and be “incubated” in their early days till they can stand on their own feet. We are certainly interested in people starting new businesses and social enterprises, and we have a set of support services that revolve around an enterprise club that meets on Tuesday lunchtimes.

The people who have found us there in our first year are almost all social businesses: people focused on providing help and support to others in the community rather than making their first million. So we find people need support in getting to do the work they want to do for the benefit of others. That feels in touch with wisdom.


Rabbi Sheila Shulman


Rabbi Sheila Shulman was originally from Brooklyn and had lived in Britain for more than 30 years. She gained semicha following a career in academia and publishing. Soon after, in 1990, she and a group of lesbian feminists began to work towards founding a synagogue. Sixteen years later, Beit Klal Yisrael is a warm, energetic and very individual community.

Sheila was a student rabbi at Sukkat Shalom (Buckhurst Hill Reform Synagogue) during the late 1980's.

Sheila died on Saturday 26th October aged 78 years old


The next Chavurah Supper & Service will be held as shown below:-


Next Chavurah Supper on Friday 5th December 2014

A Chavurah Supper & Service will be held on Friday 5th December 2014 from 7.00pm. Why not come along and bring some food to share. These evenings are always enjoyable and very sociable.........So....why not give it a try ?????

Why not come along and join us for a very enjoyable and social evening. Bring some food to share (no meat please)

Also on Friday 2nd January 2015 from 7.00pm.


Bar Mitzvah


David Zavoronkova

David was Bar Mitzvah at Sukkat Shalom on Saturday 18th October 2014 (24th Tishri 5775)

David gave a very interesting Drasha and read Parsha Genesis in a very able manner. He also selected a very interesting study passage.

He was supported by friends and family. Simona Walters his mother and Simon his stepfather provided a superb lunch for all who attended the service.

A hearty congratulations to all.


Newly Refurbished Front Doors of the Synagogue

Adult Education


Access to Judaism Wednesday evenings
Hebrew Lessons Wednesday evenings
Text Study Tuesday evenings
Lunch & Learn on the 3rd Saturday in the month


The High Holyday Appeal 2014


The High Holyday Appeal 2014

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is for the relief of financial need, the advancement of education and religion and to generally further communal interests. The Fund is controlled by Rabbi Larry Becker and supervised by our Honorary Treasurer Jeff Soraff. If you feel that this Fund can be put to good use please contact Rabbi Larry Becker.


STEPS is the leading voice of lower limb conditions. Everything that they do is about valuing and supporting individuals, families and carers affected by clubfoot, hip dysplasia or any other lower limb condition. STEPS offers confidential advice and support to people affected by the above conditions. They will offer a wide range of services (many free of charge) to help and support family, friends and individuals. We have a member of the synagogue whose granddaughter has benefitted from the work of this Charity.

World Jewish Relief

From Rabbi Becker October 2014


Ulterior Motives.

A member of a Haredi community went to his Rabbi with a problem. Rabbi he said I need to travel to Hong Kong on business but the only plane that will get me there on time leaves on Shabbat. Is there any way that I can be permitted to take the plane? Of course not replied the Rabbi. But Rabbi said the man, surely if I buckle the belt the whole way I can be considered to be wearing the plane.

People are often thought of as being rational creatures. For myself, I feel that we are more rationalising than reasoning. When our greed or lust or vanity or any other aspect of the Yetzer HaRah lead us to desire an action, we use our powers of reason (surely an aspect of the Yetzer Tov) to justify our actions at least to ourselves if not to others. In so doing we pervert the Yetzer Tov and make it the servant of the Yetzer HaRah. How often when faced with a rule

that we don’t want to follow do we first look for a way to avoid the rule and if that fails we look for a justification to break it.

I write this during the month of Elul and no doubt you now expect me to say that at this time of the year we must put this normal behaviour aside and for once in the year be honest with ourselves. But I am not going to do this. It seems too trite to me. Indeed this would also be an example of using the Yetzer Tov to create evil. If we emphasis repentance during the penitential season we risk making the season itself a means of avoiding repentance the rest of the year and even worse we turn repentance as a weapon against itself. After all, if all we have to do is be seen to be sorry for what we do it can be providing us with a get out of jail free card for our actions.


Liberal and Reform together launch alliance for Progressive Judaism

Jewish World Keywords: 

Liberal Judaism (LJ) and the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ) have today announced that they are to create an alliance between their two movements. Together already accounting for nearly a third of synagogue-affiliated Jews with 82 communities, the UK's two Progressive movements are seeking to capitalise on the 30% growth in those identifying themselves as sharing their values, according to the recent JPR studies of Jewish communal attitudes.

B,Nei Mitzvah Since the Synagogue was Founded


B,Nei Mitzvah Since the Synagogue was Founded

1. Martin Dighton was the first Bar Mitzvah on the 24th April 1982. A mobile ark used during the service. Prayer books books and a Yud were borrowed from South West Essex Reform Synagogue and a scroll was borrowed from the Settlement Synagogue in Stepney Green. The service took place at Bedford House in Buckhurst Hill Essex

Combating Anti Semitism


CST has just published a guide to combating antisemitism online in response to requests from members of the community.

Here’s the link:


It is also now on the CST website, at ‘Publications’.

Please pass this link on.

President’s Rosh Hashanah message 5775 – a tale of two elections


At the time of writing this piece Israel is under continuous rocket attack and there is no prospect of a cease fire. I hope and pray that by the time this is read the situation will have settled. I am writing to you with what will be my final Rosh Hashanah address, as my term as President comes to a mandatory end in May next year. Being President has given me many pleasing moments and enormous pride. I am delighted that the Board has made so much progress so that we now have a first rate team led by a first rate CEO, Gillian Merron, and soon hopefully will be housed in first rate up to date
premises. Our discussions with the JLC for a unified organisation of the community continue but, whether on its own or as a part of a wider organisation, the Board has a bright future.

None of what we achieve would be possible without our dedicated Deputies, from across the UK – I thank them for their hard work: they represent their constituencies and are vital to the functioning of UK Jewry. Needless to say, the Board exists on money from individuals in the community - half of which comes from the Communal Levy: still, less than half of synagogue members pay the relatively small sum of £25 a year to support our work. I think that the message here will support the fact that we are deserving of that contribution.

We are helping to counter BDS, witnessed by our close work with the Methodist Church leadership which led to a oratorium around BDS activity;

We are protecting Jewish education through our lobbying ministers, such as the right to teach Ivrit as a first language;

We are promoting Judaism through our revamped Jewish Living Experience exhibitions and Tours, in which thousands of non- Jewish children learn about our faith every year;

Lisa Barnett marries Jason Stegall in Dallas USA


Lisa Barnett and Jason Ryan Stegall were married on 21st June 2014 in Dallas Texas USA. It was a small ceremony and Lisa's friend who is an ordained minister carried out the ceremony.

The family plan a celebration in the UK in 2015.

Lisa Barnett was Bat Mitzvah at Sukkat Shalom on the 15th April 1989 at the Quaker Hall in Leytonstone.


Rosh Hashanah Message from Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to the Movement for Reform Judaism

Jewish World Keywords: 

Let's start at the end.

Hashkivenu Adonai Eloheinu L'Shalom. Cause us, Source of Life and Peace to let this year be one of peace and reconciliation in which we in Britain and also Israelis and Israel’s neighbours wake up to peace and lie down to peace. V'ha'amideynu Malkeynu l'chaim. Enable us to get ourselves up and to carry on, appreciating the fullness of life. U'fros aleynu sukkat shelomeycha. And may You envelop us with the security of peace.

Simona & Simon Walters married at Sukkat Shalom


Simona & Simon Walters were married at Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue today Sunday 3rd August 2014


Josh Emdon & Nicola Jackson


Nicola Jackson @ Joshua Emdon married at Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue on Sunday 27th July 2014


Sderot Young Leaders Program (SYL)


Sderot Young Leaders Program (SYL)


The Sderot Young Leaders Program (SYL) was formed in 2008 at the initiative of some local young people in Sderot, Southern Israel, and some local adult volunteers. Its objectives were to provide the local children with a youth club, training and personal development facilities which were nonexistent at that time in Sderot.

In 2008 Sderot was on the front line of Hamas terror, it being situated 100 meters from the border with Gaza. Bomb shelters were situated in all public places including the schools and the lead time from hearing the air raid warning (code red) to finding a bomb shelter was less than 2 minutes. This led to a terrible situation for the youth of Sderot both in terms of youth facilities which were nonexistent and wide spread mental illness and anxiety from the relentless rocket attacks from Gaza. In addition Sderot was one of the poorest cities in Israel. In short, they were the forgotten city of Israel. Something needed to be done to help the young people have somewhere to meet, improve their education standards, give them new skills and leadership training so that they could improve their lives permanently whilst giving back something to the community.

At this time, a small group of friends in London became aware of this situation and decided to take some action to help the program leaders. This took the form of fundraising for two specific purposes: to start a youth club and to arrange a holiday for some of the Sderot youth at Jewish Boys and Girls Brigade’s summer camp in the UK.
Progress to date
From an initial intake of 8 young people in 2008 it now has over 80 people enrolled on its various activities this year.
Activities of SYL

Isabel Levicki Receiving her Jack Petchey Certificate


Isabel Levicki receiving her Jack Petchey certificate at the Shul Tea in July 2014


Afternoon Tea at the Synagogue 20th July 2014


“Afternoon Tea at the Synagogue” Sunday July 20th

Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue 1 Victory Road Wanstead E11 1UL

This was an opportunity to come along to the shul and meet friends, colleagues, members, Council members and Rabbi Becker. Tea, Coffee, pop, nice food, fun and treats for the children will be available.


Newsletter - Shema


The Shema is the Sukkat Shalom Bi-monthly Newsletter

The synagogue produces a magazine called Shema. It is full of interesting articles and current topics. In future the Shema along with our Calendar of services and events will be distributed 4 times a year.

If you would like to receive a copy or advertise in its pages please contact the Administrator on 020 8530 3345 (answerphone) or by email admin@sukkatshalom.me.uk


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