Annual General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting of the

Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue held on Thursday 15th November 2018 at 8.00pm




1. The opening Prayer was provided by Rabbi Larry Becker


Those present:

Steve Wynne - in the Chair                 Jeff Lustig

Frank Godson - Minute Taker              Reeva Godson

Jeff Soraff                                         Mitzi Kalinsky

Andrew Lewis                                    Rabbi Larry Becker

Jocelyn Shepherd                              Ida Lewinsohn

Joel Ilson                                          Rachel Savage

Tracy Pedro                                      Tony Leach

Colin Burns                                       Audrey Brent

Deidre Soraff


2. Apologies for absence



Apologies were received from


Melvin Pedro, Daniel – Morgan Thomas. Jason Soraff and Angela Jacobs


Welcome from the Chair of Council


The Chair of Council – Steve Wynne welcomed everyone to the 38th AGM of the Synagogue.   


The Chair continued that when he took the Chair at the last AGM, he mentioned some of the challenges facing the Council. These still remain. Our Religion School is causing some concern with low attendance and a need to increase the number of pupils. Your new Council we be working to change this.


I would like to offer thanks to those members who are stepping down from Council. Our thanks go to Samantha Lustig who, whilst stepping down, will continue to offer us assistance on Publicity and Communications and also Karen Watch who has given several years of dedicated service as the Chair of Education, and we thank then both.  Andrew Lewis has been our Senior Warden at a time when the demands on his expertise was at its highest. Although stepping down as Senior Warden, he remains on Council and we thank him for that.


I personally would like to thank these members along with those remaining on Council for what has been a very harrowing and difficult year and I appreciate their support throughout. Thank you.


Finally, we have had our website enhanced and rebuilt due the kind contribution of Jason Soraff with his time and knowledge. Whilst he is not here today as it is his birthday, Council wanted to show its appreciation and I pass an envelope with some gift vouchers to Jeff, his father, for onward transmission.


3. Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting held on 16th November 2017 (these were posted on the website)


The Chair of Council asked for any comments. There were none.


The Chair of Council asked for a Proposer and Seconder for the adoption of the Minutes.


Proposer         Jeff Soraff                    Seconder         Mitzi Kalinsky


A vote took place on a show of hands.  The proposal was carried.


4. Presentation of the Trustees Report.

This Report had been circulated by post to all members prior to the meeting.



5. Adoption of the Trustees Report.


The Chair of Council asked for a Proposer and Seconder for the adoption of the Trustees Report.


Proposer         Reeva Godson               Seconder  Tony Leach



A vote took place on a show of hands.  The proposal was carried.


6. Presentation of the Accounts for the year 2017/2018.


Call on Colin Burns of Gerald Edelman to speak.


He said that Gross Income had risen by 12.5%, that resources expended had risen

by 9.7% and that the surplus for the year had risen by 41%.


These figures are based on the main accounts. All restricted and designated funds are listed to the rear of the account.  The balance sheet at end of June 2018 showed net assets at £353,512 which includes the cost of purchasing the building.  The loans from the NatWest Bank have now all be settled.  The latter has helped the finances of the synagogue considerably.


The main overhead and support costs had risen by 26% over the year.

Colin finished by thanking Jeff Lustig for his excellent assistance in getting the

accounts produced and approved.




7. Adoption of the Accounts for the year 2017/2018


The Chair of Council asked for a Proposer and Seconder for the adoption of the Accounts.


Proposer         Jeff Lustig


Seconder         Rachel Savage


The Chair of Council thanked Colin Burns for his hard work and he then presented him with a gift on behalf of the synagogue.


The Hon. Treasurer also offered his thanks to Colin and also noted the assistance of both Jeff Soraff and Mitzi Kalinsky.


8. Election of the Examiner for 2018/2019 in accordance with the Constitution.


The Chair asked Colin Burns if was prepared to continue with these duties for a further year.  He replied in the affirmative.


The Chair of Council declared that Gerald Edelman (Colin Burns) was prepared to carry out these duties for a further year and asked for a Proposer and Seconder.


Proposer         Jeff Lustig


Seconder         Mitzi Kalinsky



9. Election of a Council for the year 2018/2019 in accordance with various articles of the Constitution.


The Chair announced that as there were no dual nominations for any of the Honorary Officer positions therefore those that have agreed to stand are elected.


The Council for 2018/2019 is therefore as follows:


Honorary Officers


Chair of Council                                  Steve Wynne


Vice Chair of Council                           Jeff Soraff


Senior Warden                                    Melvin Pedro


Honorary Treasurer                             Jeff Lustig


Assistant Honorary Treasurer               Mitzi Kalinsky


Honorary Secretary                             Angela Jacobs


Chair of Education                              vacant


Other Council Offices


Head of Security                                 Steve Wynne


Chair of House                                    Jocelyn Shepherd


Care Coordinator                                Reeva Godson


Council positions                                 Joel Ilson

                                                        Elaine Laurie

                                                        Ida Lewinsohn

                                                        Andrew Lewis

                                                        Rachel Savage




10.       To consider any other Special Resolutions (Duly notified prior to the meeting) or any other business.   There were none.          The Chair reminded everyone about the Siyum Ceremony this Sunday.


            Tony Leach gave a short promotional for the proposed visit to the Leo Baeck College next month.



11.       The Chair of Council closed the meeting at 8.20pm and announced that the 1st Council meeting date was Tuesday 4 December 2018.


Signed Steve Wynne………………………………………………………….….Chair of Council

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